Hidden Manna

The Word of God is the beginning and foundation of all of creation. It is very significant for the daily benefits and survival of mankind. God magnifies His Word above everything including His name (Psalms 138:2). Everything will pass away but God guarantees us that His Word will never pass away (Matthew 24:35). Many people seek for Christ through different mediums and sometimes forget to dive into the Word of God. It is the Word that gives us access to God Himself and everything that we need in life or to live a glorious life, is in the Word that God has made available to us. As we meditate and believe on the Word of God daily, we are entitled to good success and wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:24, 2 Timothy 2:15). The wisdom of God in His Word nullifies the wisdom of men, the wisdom of this world, and the wisdom of the devil (James 3:13-17).

Through God’s Word, we are able to obtain the wisdom that is above all and thus have direction on what to do and when to do it. Many plans fail due to lack of wisdom and substantially lack of total dependency on God’s Word. When we seek for God’s Word, His wisdom becomes available to guide us in all of our endeavors. Without access to the Word, we can never know the heavenly entitlement and the glorious package that God has in stored for us. When all fails, we are guaranteed that the Word of God will remain unshakable and it can bring recovery and restoration to all that believe in His Word (1 Samuel 30:8-19). David enquired of the Lord and God through His Word ensured David that he will recover all. Oftentimes, different quota such as education, a good profession, and income are used in measuring success, however, good success can only be obtained from meditating on God’s Word daily (Joshua 1:8).

Through God’s Word, we are beneficiaries of His joy, peace, glory, and illumination to the darkness in our lives (Psalms 119:162, Psalms 119:105). The power that exist in the Word of God is able to raise the dead out of the grave, make the blind man see, make the lame walk, the dumb speak, and heal all manner of sickness and disease. When all hope is lost, we can always fall back on the one and only last hope, which is the Word of God. It is imperative for us to constantly listen to word based sermons to increase our level of faith needed to ward off every real life obstacles and circumstances. Total dependency on God’s Word gives us confidence and assurance knowing that the perfecter of our faith is able to turn every impossible situation into possibility.